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Vegan dog food

Vegan diets drive health outcomes for dogs

There is no shortage of research to back up the health benefits humans gain by reducing the consumption of meat, particularly red meat. The links between meat products in our diets and heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and especially cancers are difficult to ignore. Humans, as omnivores, can and do thrive when we reduce or even remove these products from our diets and replace them with nutritious plant-based alternatives.

How does a vegan diet impact our pet dogs?

A study published in PLOS One (Public Library of Science) investigated the impact of vegan diets on over 2500 dogs. It found a marked reduction in vet trips and prescribed medication when pets were fed a vegan-only diet. The study also found that the dogs enjoyed the diet just as much as regular meat-based dog food.

VegDog, a German-based vegan dog food brand, has seen sales increase 600% since September 2021, driven by demand for these products and the ever-growing number of research papers demonstrating the health benefits of pets with vegan diets.


What is the impact of dog food on the planet?

We all understand a carbon footprint, and many of us will be following our carbon footprints. Driving less, cycling more, switching off the lights and, of course, watching our diets. But did you know that pets account for a significant part of our carbon footprints? The average-sized dog is responsible for 770kg of CO2 emissions per year; this can grow to 2,500kg CO2 for large dogs; this can be twice the footprint of a family car!

We all have a collective responsibility to understand our impact on this planet and make the small changes today that will benefit tomorrow. Our dogs can thrive with minimal changes to their routine. Gradually introducing a quality plant-based alternative to their diet will dramatically impact their carbon footprint and will also introduce significant health benefits which may help them live longer and reduce their vet bills.


Shop environmentally friendly for your dog

We hope you can see the value of a healthier diet for your dog. Why not try vegan treats and check back regularly as our inventory list grows with healthy plant-based products for your pets?

Doggy Banquet focuses on retailing only brands we know to supply high-quality products, many of which are vegan, and all are European-based, regulated and veterinarian-approved.

Check into the shop today or drop us a message with your thoughts or the favourite products you’d like us to make available.

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